Nostalgic design elegance and timeless styling have always been high priorities of the ECM Manufacture company. Therefore, tradition and style are cultivated and displayed in the in-house ECM Manufacture museum.

The Hauck family's private museum contains a multitude of historical espresso machines and grinders that make an espresso lover’s heart beat faster. Representative units from different eras of espresso culture are permanently exhibited in the museum.

From the first brewing systems of the 1920s (e.g. Victoria Arduino, San Marco, to the classic hand-operated machines (e.g. Gaggia, La Cimbali) and to the legendary Faema machines with the E61 brew group, the ECM Manufacture museum documents development and progress in the espresso machine sector.

Among the highlights of the collection are:

The Gilda (Gaggia, 1948), huge success after the war: the two-armed operating brewing system helped to revolutionise espresso machines for coming generations.

Several units from Gaggia, developed by Achille Gaggia in 1938 (e.g. Crema Caffé, Macchina tipo esportazione, Tipo America).

Granluce (La Cimbali) with hydraulic brewing group.

Preceding models of the E61 series, these include the Serie Urania with 1, 2, 3 or 4 brew groups.

.. and many more ..

Many of these units are constantly in demand by exhibitions and serve as publicity magnets at various espresso events throughout Europe.


Enjoy ECM virtually!

Visit our premises and learn more about ECM and our espresso machines museum.


Our museum is open to visitors by prior arrangement only and to the public every year on our open house day. You will find information about our annual open house day as it becomes available in the "Events" section as well as on our social media channels.

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