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S-Manuale 64

Our S-Manuale 64 is on the market since March of 2015. It distinguishes itself through performance and its‘ compact size. Grinding occurs by a slight touch of the grinding bar directly into the porta filter. The grind is adjusted step-less. You can find out more about our new grinder here.

Production Location Germany

In August of 2014, ECM started with an additional production in Germany. Here our commercial espresso machines, the Barista A2 and Controvento Due, are manufactured on 1000m2 from the first to the final screw. Both grinders, the S-Manual 64 and S-Automatik 64, were added in February 2015. Our semi-automatic espresso machines for the home-use are still being built in our own production facility in Milan.

Now available: ECM espresso cups

The ECM espresso cups are now available. Due to the sloping edge of the ECM cup, the espresso runs directly under the tongue. For this reason the espresso tastes different! You don't believe us? Just try!


On June 10th 2014 the time has finally arrived:

At the World Of Coffee in Rimini/Italy, we will present our newest ECM-family member. 

Stay tuned!

New: ECM Classika PID

With the start of the new year 2014, ECM will release another highlight for the single-circuit espresso maker market: Classika PID.
The ever popular Classika II will become available with PID.
It will now be possible to adjust the desired temperature of the coffee boiler via the PID-display. Furthermore, the brewing time in seconds is displayed as well.
The classic, high-end design of the Classika II has remained unchanged of course.

Technical Data:

  • PID-display for the individual temperature regulation of the coffee boiler
  • PID-display indicating the brewing time in seconds
  • Chromed ECM brew group
  • Removable cup warming tray for an easy access to the water tank (approx. 2.8 l volume)
  • Stainless steel boiler with approx. 0.75l volume
  • Short heating phase
  • High-performance vibration pump
  • Automatic water shut-off
  • Boiler insulation
  • Adjustable expansion valve
  • Adjustable feet
  • Long water drip tray

Available at the end of January 2014.

ECM Controvento

The Controvento veers away from the classic look and races 'against the wind', as the name implies.
Our aim is to distinguish ourselves from the crowd with this extravagant and modern design.

Following are the most important data on the first dual-boiler espresso machine from ECM:

  • Dual-boiler
  • PID-display for the individual temperature
    regulation of both boilers
  • PID-display indicating the brewing time
    in seconds
  • ECM E61 brew group
  • Rotary pump for quiet operation
  • LED illuminated Lucite back plate
  • Stainless steel boilers
  • On/off switch for the steam boiler
  • Boiler insulation
  • Switchable from water tank to fixed water connection
  • Drainage hook-up for residual water is possible

New: ECM knockbox

Our new knockbox for knocking out the used espresso pucks is made of brushed stainless steel and appeals through its noble design and high functionality.

New: ECM Elektronika Profi II

Available from February 2013, with improved technology and new design

The follow-up model to our first Elektronika Profi is equipped with the following new features:

  • Quiet rotary pump
  • Switchable from water tank to fixed water connection
  • Stainless steel boiler with heat exchanger
  • Boiler insulation
  • New and elegant design, reminiscent of the Elektronika Profi Due
  • Elegant, high-grade feet in new design



"Technika IV Profi" and "Mechanika IV Profi" now also available with rotary pump and option of using water tank or direct water connection

Due to the increased demand the "Technika IV Profi" and the "Mechanika IV Profi" are now also available with switchover function water tank/ direct water connection.

Furthermore, various technical improvements in the models assure even lower noise performance.  

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